Educational health training at Baille Tourible clinic

April 10, 2017
Last November, volunteer photographer Mikaël Theimer visited Haiti.  As part of his trip, he spent a few days in Baille Tourible and, through his photos, he shared a window into the daily lives of this community supported by KANPE.

« While patients wait their turn at the health clinic in Baille Tourible, Ernionne Aimé, the nurse, invites them to participate in workshops to improve their awareness of health issues.  Since she speaks in very clear, articulate Creole, I am able to follow along despite my limited knowledge of the language; this morning, AIDS is being discussed.  A few shy laughs arise when Ernionne asks, ‘how is AIDS transmitted?’ After a brief hesitation, a few venture replies, until one makes everyone laugh heartily: ‘Lè moun fè bagay !’ (‘When you do… it!’) »Mikaël Theimer. (Photo Credit: Mikael Theimer)

Since 2010, thanks to donors like you, KANPE and its partner Zanmi Lasante (Partners In Health in Haiti) have achieved the establishment of and free access to a medical clinic directly serving over 10,000 residents (and around 30 000 in a wider radius). As of December 31, 2016, we recorded more than 36,300 visits since opening in 2011.

Educational health training is also offered, such as reproductive health, personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, child care and STD ∕ STI ∕ HIV education.

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