KANPE launches its annual fundraising campaign #GiveMe5ForKANPE

November 14, 2017

With the support of several public figures, The KANPE Foundation launches its annual fundraising campaign with the theme #GiveMe5ForKANPE.

In Canada, a five dollar-bill buys your morning coffee. But in Haiti, it can buy a chicken. Twenty-six of them (or $130 CAN) can pay a child’s school fees for a year.

The #GiveMe5ForKANPE campaign, which aims to raise a minimum of $100,000, starts on November 14th and will end on December 31, 2017. All donations will support KANPE’s mission in Haiti, and its work in healthcare, nutrition, education, agriculture, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Many public figures are already standing with KANPE, including: Régine Chassagne, member of Arcade Fire and co-founder of KANPE, artist Gardy Fury and AngeLO Cadet, hosts Isabelle Racicot, Anne-Marie Withenshaw, Rebecca Makonnen Myriam Fehmiu, Herby Moreau, Jay Walker and Philippe Fehmiu, businessman Dax Dasilva. And more!

KANPE asks people to:
1. Make a donation
2. Give a High five to the camera and use the #GIVEME5FORKANPE hashtag
3. Tag 5 friends and share your post

Facebook: @kanpehaiti // Twitter: @kanpehaiti // Instagram: @kanpe_foundation

How many high fives will you give to support KANPE’s mission?

This campaign was made possible thanks to the incredible pro-bono contribution of two Montreal communication agencies:

  • Sid Lee for the strategy, creative development and production of the #GiveMe5forKANPE campaign.
  • Mindshare Strategy, planning and media placement

In collaboration with Mindshare Quebec: Astral, Bell Media, Corus, Cue Digital, Newad, Québecor, Rogers and The Gazette generously donated advertising space to The KANPE Foundation.

Ideation of the campaign by The KANPE Foundation.

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