Our annual campaign has already raised $ 35,600! Let’s reach $40,000 before January 1st!

December 19, 2016

Giving to KANPE means to support our mission which is to stand with the most vulnerable families of the Central Plateau towards their financial autonomy.

Through joint work with our Haitian partners and the community of Baille Tourible, KANPE implements actions that promote the development of the pillars leading to autonomy: health, nutrition, safe housing, agriculture, education and leadership.

Thank you to support our annual fundraising campaign and to #StandWithKANPE!

Every dollar we receive is important and makes a difference.

DONATE $ 26 Equivalent to a filter to purify water

DONATE $ 52 Equivalent to a breeding pig

DONATE $ 130 Equivalent to one year of schooling for a child


For all donations of $ 25 or more, you will receive an official receipt for tax purposes.

Thank you to all of you for supporting KANPE!

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