Thank you all for allowing this success!

February 3, 2017

The first annual #StandWithKANPE fundraiser concluded on Tuesday, and so many of you stood up! A huge thank you to our donors from all over the world: Canada, the United States, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, France, England, Austria, Australia, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and more!

THANK YOU for your support and contribution to our success! Each of your donations makes a real difference, and allows us to pursue our mission to stand with the most vulnerable haitian families towards their financial autonomy.

From the bottom of our hearts, the entire KANPE team ​would like to thank the TAXI, Ping Pong Ping and Mindshare agencies for ​bringing the #StandWithKANPE campaign​ to life​. Thank you for your time and talent!

THANKS also to the many ​celebrities who have stood with KANPE, ​thank you for your beautiful energy and​ for​ your solidarity:

Régine Chassagne, co-founder of KANPE and Arcade Fire, Win Butler of Arcade Fire, ​hosts Isabelle Racicot, Mitsou Gélinas and her husband Iohann Martin, Myriam Fehmiu and Anne-Marie Withenshaw, ​hosts Herby Moreau, Philippe Fehmiu and Jay Walker, entrepreneur Alexandre Taillefer, Phoebe Greenberg of the Phi Centre, artists AngeLo Cadet and Gardy Fury, ​and ​singer Young Paris.

And thanks to all those who participated and supported us throughout the campaign!

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