KANPE has partnered with Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health) to support access to healthcare by eliminating financial barriers in vulnerable communities. In 2011, we set up a clinic in Baille Tourible. Before that, the nearest clinic was 6 hours away on foot. This clinic serves more than 10,000 inhabitants for free.

In addition to basic healthcare, the clinic:

  • Treats children suffering from acute and moderate malnutrition; in 2015, 162 treatments were given monthly to malnourished children,
  • Treats cholera cases; in 2015, only 42 cases of cholera required treatment, compared to 298 in 2013 and 209 in 2014,
  • Conducts malaria screenings; in 2015, 1,200 tests were performed,
  • Supports and cares for pregnant and nursing women; in 2015 99 consultations per month were provided,
  • Educates women on the subject of family planning,
  • Offers health education and training for personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, childcare and HIV/STD/STI education,
  • Supplies patients free medical exams and basic essential medication.

consultation clinique

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