Partners In Health works to promote health and social justice in the most destitute communities and considers health to be a human right.

Partners in HealthFor more than 20 years, Partners In Health (PIH or “Zanmi Lasante” in Creole) has been providing vital health care in Haiti, and in doing so the organization is one of the largest health care providers in the country. PIH works together with the Ministère de la Santé d’Haïti in establishments located on the Plateau Central and in the Vallée de l’Artibonite.

The vast majority of PIH employees are themselves originally from those same communities served. PIH employs approximately 4,000 Haitians. The work of PIH begins with medical care but does not end there. PIH understands that disease is an integral part of the cycle of poverty and PIH is committed each and every day to eradicating it at any cost.

Through long-term partnerships with other organizations and the government, PIH offers free first-line health care and treatments against complex diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis.



Fonkoze is the largest microfinance institution (MFI) in Haiti, serving more than 55,000 women borrowers.

FonkozeFonkoze is “Haiti’s Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor” with more than 175,000 with savings, most of whom live and work in the countryside of Haiti. With its network of 37 branches covering every region of Haiti, it is also the only MFI that is truly national in scope.

“Women are the backbone of the Haitian economy and the doorway into the family unit.”

Fonkoze offers a wide range of services from micro-credit to savings products and money transfer services. The Fondation KANPE is partnering with Fonkoze specifically for the program called Chemen Lavi Miyò, or the ‘Road to a Better Life’. This program reaches out to those who are marginalized.

Fonkoze will combine this program with Fondation KANPE to not only offer their community members a way to learn to run a small business but also access to real health care and education services.

The Papaye Peasant Movement is an organization of peasants whose goal is to unify all the peasants of Haïti and to gather organized rural young workers in order to promote them culturally and economically.

mppThe Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP) wants to gather all the poor peasants (men, women, youth, and children) from all the corners of Haïti in a large national movement to fight to build a Haïti where everyone finds life. The organization fights, among other things, for food sovereignty, decent jobs and education for all, health care made available to all, decent housing and recreation, for freedom of conscience as well as for freedom of speech.

The major goals of MPP include:

–   Improving the environment/soil so that Haiti can regain its food sovereignty
–   Efficient management of natural resources such as water, forest and seeds
–   Advocating for women’s rights
–   Promoting environmentally conscious and sustainable alternative energy sources, and
–   Working to build the countryside as a desired place for people to live, work and raise families.

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