KANPE works in Haiti’s rural areas, focusing on the Central Plateau

The Central Plateau of Haiti is among the poorest in the country. It faces an alarming level of deforestation that causes erosion and affects agricultural production.

This department contains twelve regions in which the KANPE Foundation intends to gradually implement its integrated program. This program is designed primarily to help families in extreme poverty achieve financial autonomy.


The Thomonde Region

The KANPE approach aims to support the recovery of Haiti, one village at a time. In 2011, the KANPE Foundation began its activities in the Central Plateau within the region of Thomonde.

Today, the Thomonde region has a population of 40,000 and includes three villages: Savanette Cabrale, Tierra Muscadi and Baille Tourible. In Thomonde, approximately 38% of the population is less than 14 years old. This population faces severe issues due to extreme poverty. The situation worsened after the arrival of many families who were displaced after the earthquake of January 12th, 2010.


The village of Baille Tourible

Among the many villages of Thomonde, KANPE chose to begin its program in Baille Tourible. KANPE chose this village for the following reasons:

  • This village was the most neglected of the region. The poor condition of the road made it very difficult to reach.
  • At the beginning of 2011, Baille Tourible was the most affected by the cholera epidemic. People were dying due to the lack of access to local medical care.
  • Due to its geographical location, Baille Tourible allowed for a cooperation between KANPE and its two main partners, Zanmi Lasante and Fonkoze.

Savanette Cabral

Since Novembre 2015, KANPE is proud to announce the launch of the second cohort of families participating in the Integrated Program. With the financial support of the Pathy Family Foundation, 200 families of the communal section of Savanette Cabral will be accompanied over a period of 18 months.

The team responsible for the selection of participants has already begun the search for the most needy families, with our Program Coordinator in Haiti and our partner Fonkoze field. The selection is made by the community itself, with the help of village committees. Composed of 4 members , the team has to work long hours, sometimes climbing mountains and crossing rivers to go in search of these families.



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