Our mission

In Haitian Creole, “kanpe” means to stand up. KANPE enables the most vulnerable families in Haiti to achieve financial autonomy so that they can “stand up”.

KANPE acts as a catalyst, bringing together Haitians of the diaspora, friends of Haiti, supporters, and field partners to develop customized solutions to enable families to escape poverty and to stand on their own.

KANPE and its partners support the strengthening of six fundamental pillars to reach autonomy: nutrition, health, entrepreneuship, education, agriculture and leadership.

Our approach

We partner with Haitian organizations who’s complementary expertise contributes to the knowledge, tools and training required for the families and their community to get on the path towards autonomy.

Our philosophy

Our actions focus on the Haitian population, identifying and expressing their needs. Together with the community and local partners we support their initiatives.


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