A Big Thank You to Les éditions les Malins

September 18, 2019

Thanks to the generosity of author Catherine Girard-Audet and Les éditions les Malins, KANPE has been awarded the amount of $ 12,000. We thank them for this beautiful gesture that will helped support our mission in Haiti.

Last year, Les éditions les Malins pledged to donate $ 1 to The KANPE Foundation for each copy of L’ABC des filles 2019 sold! The publishing house has graciously increased the amount collected from the sale of the book. We are very grateful to them.

Les éditions les Malins are on a mission to help young readers discover that a good book can be even more addictive than a TV series. In addition to specialising in children’s books, Les Malins also publishes favourites that cater to an older audience. Since their foundation in 2008 by Marc-André Audet, more than 400 titles have been published.

L’ABC des filles is the first editorial success of Les Malins.

To learn more, visit their website (only in French) → lesmalins.ca

In Haitian Creole, KANPE means « to stand up ».

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