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A message about the situation in Haiti

February 15, 2019


For more than a week, anti-government protests and clashes have been taking place in Haiti’s main cities, paralyzing the entire country.

Due to its geographical isolation in the mountains, the community we support in Baille Tourible is far from the tensions observed and is not in danger. Nevertheless, the repercussions of this movement of protest are visible: the public school is temporarily closed because of the absence of the teachers who cannot reach the school because of blocked roads, as well as part of the clinic staff.
We take this situation very seriously. Fritz Louis, our Programs Director, is in a safe place and communicates regularly with us on the evolution of the situation, both in Baille Tourible and in the country.
As always, we continue our support, which in these difficult times is all the more important.
For more information on the situation in Haiti, we invite you to read two articles published in the daily La Presse. Both are in French, but you may use a translator:
  • Reasons for Anger, February 13 edition, with the interview of François Audet, Chairman of the KANPE Board, and Scientific Director of the Canadian Observatory on Crises and Humanitarian Aid (OCCAH).
All our thoughts are with the Haitian people and we hope that a way out of the crisis will emerge soon.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
François Audet, Chairman of the Board
Isabelle Thibault, Executive Director
Fritz Louis, Programs Director

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