A new initiative from Quebec is lauched for Haiti

July 12, 2010

In Quebec City today, Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire, and Dominique Anglade launch KANPE, an initiative aiming to fight the cycle of poverty in Haiti with a view to establishing Haiti as a model of development..

Kanpe is a Haitian Creole word meaning “to stand up” (pronounced kahn-pay). The newly launched KANPE seeks to put an end to a vicious circle of poverty among Haiti’s most vulnerable families by encouraging financial independence, enabling every person to live with health and dignity.

Le programme KANPE, d’une durée de 18 mois, fournit à ces familles démunies les moyens nécessaires pour se sortir de la pauvreté de façon durable. Il s’appuie sur des partenariats avec des organismes reconnus, tels que Partners in Health (santé communautaire) et Fonkoze (micro-crédit), et intègre les services offerts à une communauté, afin que tous les facteurs contribuant à la pauvreté soient pris en charge en même temps et de façon coordonnée.

The KANPE program involves assisting vulnerable families for an 18-month period, in order to empower them sustainably to escape the poverty cycle. Through strategic partnerships with reputable organizations such as Partners in Health (community health) and Fonkoze (microcredit), the KANPE program integrates community services, so that all factors contributing to poverty are addressed in tandem and are properly coordinated.

Dominique Anglade, president and spokesperson for KANPE: “While media attention has drifted, Haiti still needs our support. We are launching KANPE to give Haitians the tools they need to escape the cycle of poverty, one family at a time, one village at a time.”

Musician Régine Chassagne is a co-founder and board member of KANPE : “Quebec and Canada have always been supportive of Haiti and especially recently with the earthquake. I wanted to see something in Quebec and in Canada that could further develop sustainable work being done in Haiti – that would help the communities in Haiti get themselves back on their feet. My parents grew up in Haiti. Working with KANPE is a way for me to give back to the proud and incredibly resilient people of Haiti. We’re hoping that tonight’s show as well as our other shows in Canada will help Haitians get back on their feet and build themselves a better future. “

Donations to KANPE can be made online at www.kanpe.org

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