Ambassador Valérie Pisano turned her birthday into a fundraiser for Kanpe

November 29, 2010

Recently, KANPE ambassador Valérie Pisano celebrated her 34th birthday by turning it into a fundraiser for Kanpe. “I wasn’t sure my idea would work, but I thought I might as well try!”. Sixty guests and $12,000.00 later would indicate that it did

KANPE president Dominique Anglade took the opportunity to explain KANPE’s mission to the guests as they enjoyed wine and cheeses made possible with the kind support of Quebec wine producer Val Caudalies, and Métro et SuperC

Valérie Pisano had this to say about her friend and colleague at McKinsey&Company : “I’ve always admired the fact the Dominique doesnb’t just accept the status quo. She creates change and in doing so, makes it easier for the rest of us to follow her lead”.

Attendees were invited to participate in an auction organized by Bidou, who’s founder was also at the party. The proceeds for such items as tickets for the Grands Ballets Canadiens, items autographed by Arcade Fire, and hockey tickets went directly to KANPE, and raised $3,500.00. KANPE owes a big thank you to Frédéric René et Juli Pisano from Bidou!

Valérie’s parents were very proud not only of the generosity of all who attended, but also of their daughter’s charitable efforts, which managed to raise $12,000.00 in total!

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