Back to school for the students in Baille Tourible

August 21, 2020

The children of Baille Tourible hit the road to school this week to complete the school year interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The joy could be seen on their faces! Since the schools closed this Spring, they have been able to stay in touch, remotely, with educational content through the “Read Haiti” Creole reading programs. This was accomplished thanks to radios distributed in June in collaboration with our partner Summits Education.

In addition to regular classes, students also received instruction on coronavirus prevention, understanding the infection, and how to prevent it. Handwashing stations were set up in the schoolyard and disinfectant gel was made available to them. Preventive measures are also in force in the school canteen.

From 15 students on the first day of class, the number rose to over 80 on Thursday. Next week, the number of students is expected to continue to increase to almost 450! The gradual return to school is often practiced in Haiti, especially in underprivileged areas. Back to school is a big undertaking for poorer families:

– Return of the children from vacation with a family member,

– Purchase of school uniforms and supplies,

– Fears about the socio-political situation and now about the coronavirus.

We wish all the students and teachers at Baille Tourible a safe and healthy return to class!



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