Baille Tourible: 12 Months of Real Progress!

October 1, 2012

On September 27th, nearly 50 people attended a friendly informational cocktail in the company of Fritz Louis, Coordinator for KANPE in Haiti, as well as several members of the foundation. The guests who gathered at the University Club of Montreal were able to understand the impact that KANPE has had on the 315 poorest families in Baille Tourible with regards to health, housing, medical and education infrastructures, as well as financial autonomy.

Fritz reminded guests that the isolation of Baille Tourible residents and the near-complete lack of infrastructures were decisive factors in choosing to bring KANPE’s program to this Haitian location.After an overview of the initiatives taken since 2011 with the leaders of local associations and the coordination committee, consisting of our partners Fonkoze and Partners In Health, Fritz described the main actions of KANPE (see articles from November 27, 2011and June 28, 2012 ).

Since the beginning of 2012, over 4000 visits to the Baille Tourible clinic have taken place and there are no more cases of cholera in the village. Progress in terms of financial autonomy has also been significant. Participants can get – thanks to their resources and without incurring debt – the seeds they need in order to grow beans, corn, and pearl millet. The average value of income-generating resources is $270 USD. Such resources include 352 new births from 716 goats distributed in 2011, along with 42 oxen and horses, which participants were able to buy with their income.

The guests were touched by the video testimonies of certain KANPE program participants as they expressed their pride in being able to write their name or to now own a piece of land. Practically all participants can now provide two hot meals for their children. KANPE has also built or renovated a total of 164 homes and 26 latrines that are more sanitary. The construction of 151 houses and 289 latrines will continue over the coming months. Finally, Fritz presented some of the challenges to overcome, among which the road to Baille Tourible, a major obstacle to the development of this community. The coming months will be devoted to the evaluation of the program on the ground before honouring during a ceremony in the spring of 2013, the efforts of KANPE program participants.

In attendance at the informational cocktail was the President of the Board of Directors, Madeleine Féquière, the General Manager of KANPE, Katleen Félix, Arcade Fire members Grand Ambassador Régine Chassagne, Win Butler and Marika Shaw, along with Co-Founder Dominique Anglade, and each brought in their own way a new breath of hope to the guests. Thank you so very much to Fritz, the organizers, and the guests!


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