Beekeeping Project: A Son of Baille Tourible Takes the Helm

June 18, 2024

Fritzmond Jean Baptiste, a dynamic 31-year-old man, hails from Baille Tourible. Born into a family of farmers, he inherited their love for the land and a deep respect for the environment.

After completing his primary education at the École Nationale de Baille Tourible and his secondary education at the Lycée Dumarsais Estimé in Hinche, Jean Baptiste continued his studies at the Université publique du Centre. Graduating with a degree in Agronomy in 2020, he chose this field out of conviction, driven by a desire to contribute to improving the living conditions of farmers and preserving the environment.

Jean Baptiste quickly put his skills to the service of his community. He first worked as the coordinator of the goat farming project of the women’s associations of Baille Tourible. This position allowed him to gain valuable experience in management and community animation.

Strengthened by this experience, Fritzmond then joined GAFE’s beekeeping project as a project coordinator.

“In his view, this beekeeping project is a real engine of development for the community of Baille Tourible. It allows the inhabitants to better understand the importance of bees for the environment and to generate additional income through the production of honey and other derivative products,” he emphasized.

Fritzmond Jean Baptiste is an inspiring role model for the young people of his community. His commitment, dynamism, and skills make him a key player in the development of his community.

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