COVID-19: our actions to strengthen food security

September 2, 2020
We have taken action to address the threat of food insecurity within the community we support in Haiti. As a result, the experimental farm resumed its activities following the strengthening of health security measures.
With the help of our partner Mouvement Paysan Papaye, we were able to:
  • Train more than 50 farmers, members of 6 local associations, as well as the young people from the marching band about COVID-19 prevention, and the techniques of planting seedlings,
  • Distribute more than 700 seedlings to our beneficiaries out of the 8,000 already planted,
  • Practice seedling transplant.
Furthermore, the production of 500 subsistence gardens (jaden lakou) started in August, aiming to allow the poorest families to grow their own food and sell their surplus in local markets. Six local Baille Tourible associations received training on how to plant okra, tomatoes, spinach, eggplants, chillis, peppers, leeks, and chayote.
In addition, in collaboration with our partner Summits Education, some 360 ​​food kits containing corn, rice, oil, beans, and soap were also distributed to public school students during the lockdown period.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, KANPE is working with MPP to support vulnerable families as well as the farmers of Baille Tourible in an effort to prevent food insecurity and revenue loss.  This includes:
    • Integration of 250 additional families into the seed bank program which loans black bean seeds to local farmers;
    • Purchase and redistribution of seeds for millet and corn to reduce dependence on imported cereals for 500 families;
    • Development of subsistence gardens (jaden  lakou) for 500 families to grow their own food and sell surpluses at local markets.


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