GAFE: A New Local Partner for KANPE

June 18, 2024

Beekeeping made its way to Baille Tourible at the beginning of this year thanks to a collaboration with the Groupe d’action francophone pour l’environnement (GAFE). This organization has been active for 20 years in the field of local development and education on the environment and citizenship.

By creating a space that brings together a medicinal garden and a nursery of honey-producing species, this project aims to restore the ecological balance while offering new opportunities to local communities.

A Warmly Welcomed Project

The project has been a huge hit with the community. Since January, they’ve been busy with training activities. In February, a group of community leaders even travelled to Limonade, in the north, for specialized beekeeping training. There have also been workshops on eco-responsibility and building and setting up beehives.

Completed Activities 

  • Training: 22 people were trained in beekeeping.
  • Awareness-raising: 60 participants, including 10 teachers from the Baille Tourible National School, were educated about eco-responsibility and environmental education.
  • Nursery: A nursery for honey-producing plants was established.
  • Hive-making training: 17 participants received training on how to make beehives.
  • Medicinal garden: A medicinal garden was created.
  • Workshop shelter: A shelter was built for the beehive-making workshop.

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