Graduation at Baille Tourible

April 22, 2013

On March 8th, KANPE visited Baille Tourible in Haiti to honour 338 women who have taken control of their destiny.

The video presentation is here.

After going through an 18 month support program, these women -who were among the most vulnerable in their community- have found a way out of their misery by developing skills that enabled them to obtain a source of income and thereby become financially independent.

Celebrated in the parish church of Baille Tourible, the ceremony was a touching moment that allowed us to share in the happiness and success of these exceptional women. Testimonials recalling their history, their journey with KANPE and its partners, songs and a feast combined to make this a beautiful graduation.

There were hundreds of smiles on this bright and memorable day. We could see how the assistance provided by KANPE and its partners, Fonkoze and Zanmi Lasante, has improved the lives of these families.

These women can now proudly bear witness to the many changes that have occurred in their lives. No longer anonymous and destitute, they are now able to manage and sustain their agricultural resources and micro-enterprises. Not only do they have incomes, they also have savings for future projects.

We are proud of their progress and we hope you are too!

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