Happy Mother’s Day ! Bòn fèt manman !

May 19, 2013

On this very special day, we want to congratulate all Baille Tourible moms for all the effort they undertake every day for their families.

In the spotlight today is the story of Elienne, a mother of 25 years old whose living conditions have improved significantly, thanks to the KANPE Foundation Family Support Program.

Originally, Elienne, her husband and their two children were living in precarious conditions. But since their participation in the Family Support Program, Elienne and her family have learned to become financially independent and meet their own needs. At the end of 2011, they received two goats and a pig, and now have more than a dozen heads of small cattle, a horse and a small retail business.

Most notably, Elienne has learned to save money and is proud to present herself at the Fonkoze branch in Thomonde, her bank, to make transactions like the institution’s other customers. With the fruits of her savings, this young mother was able to buy a horse valued at USD $150.00. This purchase allows her to go to the various publics markets in the area and sell her produce, livestock, poultry and articles from her small business.

Like Elienne, hundreds of women in Baille Tourible have contributed to improving the living conditions of their families. We can be proud of these mothers who are an example for all of us!

To help Kanpe continue working with the mothers of Baille Tourible, do not hesitate to make a donation on our website here.

Thank you for believing in the vision of KANPE. Thank you for your trust!


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