KANPE at the Haitian Ladies Network

October 6, 2023

KANPE will be in Washington this weekend (October 6-8) to celebrate Haiti and its success stories at the Haitian Ladies Network, a major gathering of over 600 women and young leaders from the Haitian diaspora.

Our co-founders Régine Chassagne and Dominique Anglade, respectively co-leader of the internationally acclaimed band Arcade Fire and a prominent figure in Quebec politics and business, will be sharing their exciting stories with the public. KANPE will have a kiosk showcasing Haitian handicrafts, sweatshirts, and other promotional merchandise in collaboration with the Quebec-based Je Love Haiti brand from board member Martine St Victor, who will act as MC for the event.

During the HERStory plenary session, Régine and Dominique will tell their story from their childhood friendship, the exceptional journey that took them to the top of their fields, and finally the reunion that gave birth to The KANPE Foundation. This organization has been working for over a decade to help Haiti’s underserved rural communities become autonomous. 

Read Régine and Dominique’s story

Haitian Ladies Network is a powerful global professional and social network that connects more than 80,000 Haitian women in the U.S., Haiti, Canada, and around the world. HLN organizes programs throughout the year, including the famous Haitian Ladies Weekend in Washington.

This weekend grew out of the long-standing tradition of the DC Haitian Ladies Brunch, launched over 16 years ago. It offers the opportunity to meet renowned speakers, make genuine connections, network, and celebrate Haitian culture.

Visit https://www.haitianladies.org/ to find out more about the Haitian Ladies Network and its programming

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