KANPE: At the Heart of Sustainable Development in Haiti

February 15, 2024

Since our establishment in Haiti’s Central Plateau, KANPE has made supporting disadvantaged rural communities its mission. We believe that development must be approached comprehensively because the roots of impoverishment in these historically neglected communities are manifold.

Therefore, every development initiative must address problems from all angles. By supporting health, we ensure that communities are robust enough to pursue their projects, avoiding the impoverishment that can result from the financial burden of medical treatments. By supporting agriculture, we empower the primary income-generating activity for residents. We also champion initiatives in leadership, entrepreneurship, education, and infrastructure because, as the Haitian saying goes, “A stove missing a leg won’t stand.”

In the article “Holistic Community Development Strengthens Haiti’s Climate Resilience,Age of Union explores how our initiatives contribute to environmental well-being in the Central Plateau.

Read the article to learn more. And don’t forget to visit our website to discover how, alongside rural communities in the Central Plateau, we’re making them stronger in the face of climate change.

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