COVID-19: Let’s Stand with Haiti

March 27, 2020

As Haiti confirmed its first COVID-19 cases last week, we are very concerned about how this pandemic will affect the most vulnerable people in Haiti and in the community we support.

Following the Haitian government’s decision to declare a national health emergency, we suspended our regular activities in Baille Tourible until further notice, with the exception of the health clinic.

KANPE is working with our local partner  Zanmi Lasante/Partners in Health* to prepare and equip the medical staff in the clinic and raise awareness among the population.

Since last week, the clinic has become the focal point of our prevention efforts, which include:

  • an awareness campaign on the transmission routes and the illness prevention methods for COVID-19 with local leaders in the community;
  • prevention and awareness-raising sessions dedicated to youth;
  • awareness-raising sessions delivered each morning to clinic patients;
  • distribution of masks to the medical personnel;
  • additional water stations, soap, and chlorine made available to the population for hand washing.

 Our principal priorities during this critical time are:

  • the continuation of the clinic’s activities and all essential interventions to help fight the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic for a vulnerable community like Baille Tourible.
  • the establishment of a food security plan for the people of the community, with increased support for farmers.

During these difficult times, your support for KANPE will be instrumental in ensuring that the people of Baille Tourible can continue to provide for their basic needs while respecting the restrictions imposed during this global health emergency.

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With KANPE’s support, the health clinic in Baille Tourible was instrumental in the fight against the recent cholera epidemic in the Central Plateau. Thanks to an exemplary partnership with local leaders and the proven expertise Zanmi Lasante / Partners in Health, we were able to treat more than 1,700 cases. Additionally, due to ongoing prevention work, no cases of cholera have been identified in Baille Tourible over the last 27 months.

The Baille Tourible clinic serves more than 11,000 inhabitants with people from neighbouring communities almost doubling that number. In addition to the services provided in the field of health and nutrition, the clinic offers training on various subjects including personal hygiene.

We are hopeful and confident that the community is prepared to face this new challenge. We are all in it together!



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* An organization working to make quality care accessible to the most vulnerable communities

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