New Partnership for a Training Program in Agriculture

October 14, 2013

Good news! The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the KANPE Foundation began a partnership to create a training program focusing on agricultural needs in Haiti. With the goal of creating a lasting impact in Haitian communities, this program will enable local farmers to bolster their professional expertise as a step to achieving their financial independence.

This world-class program will be administered by the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and will comprise two parts: 1) Israeli experts will provide training in Haiti; and 2) Haitian students will undergo training in Jerusalem. We will be working with the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Haiti, as well as with local universities, to recruit potential students and to ensure they receive appropriate support upon their return.

The program will offer classes in horticulture, agricultural production, and nutritional and animal sciences. It will be a short-term, tailored program that can be individualized to the needs of each Haitian student. It will be offered as of fall 2014.

Click here to participate in the program’s official launch on November 14th!

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