Improve living conditions through agroforestry

September 11, 2020

Agronomist Odinave Dominique is the manager of the experimental farm in the community we support in the Central Plateau in Haiti. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, he highlights the importance of this project for the whole community.

The experimental farm gives us the means to fight food insecurity while improving the living conditions of the population,” said the 33-year-old agronomist, who is part of the association of young leaders of Baille Tourible.

Since the start of the project last December, he has regularly ensured the upkeep of the farm, runs training sessions for six local farmers’ associations and young people from the marching band, as well as seedling transplanting sessions.

Since 2017, some 18,000 seedlings have been planted in the community of Baille Tourible. Along with the experimental farm, around 25,000 additional seedlings are to be introduced to the region over a three-year period, in addition to the production of agricultural commodities and animal husbandry.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, KANPE is working with Mouvement Paysan Papaye to support vulnerable families as well as the farmers of Baille Tourible in an effort to prevent food insecurity and revenue loss.  This includes:

  • Integration of 250 additional families into the seed bank program which loans black bean seeds to local farmers;
  • Purchase and redistribution of seeds for millet and corn to reduce dependence on imported cereals for 500 families;
  • Development of subsistence gardens (jaden lakou) for 500 families to grow their own food and sell surpluses at local markets.



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