Positive Vibrations Foundation continues marching band support

February 26, 2019

During the Krewe du Kanaval celebrations in New Orleans’ Congo Square, Monique Pyle, Managing Director of Positive Vibrations Foundation, publicly announced that her foundation will pay for Jean Germain Duvelsaint’s salary for two years.

Jean Germain Duvelsaint, known as ‘Maestro’, has been the music teacher of the Baille Tourible marching band since its establishment in 2014. He is now directing a group of 70 young people who have become models for the youngest and the pride of the entire community.

In 2018, thanks to the incredible generosity of the Positive Vibrations Foundation, 70 new instruments were sent to Baille Tourible for the marching band.


Photo: Régine Chassagne, co-founder of KANPE, and Isabelle Thibault, Executive Director of KANPE.

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