Preventive measures to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

March 17, 2020

KANPE is very concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic and is closely monitoring the situation in Haiti. No cases of coronavirus have yet been identified in the country. In the community we support, Baille Tourible, preventive measures have been taken in collaboration with our local partner Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health), an organization working to make quality care accessible to the most vulnerable communities. These measures aim in particular to prepare medical personnel and educate the population about the coronavirus and illness prevention methods.

Last week, two representatives from the Baille Tourible clinic participated in a workshop organized by the Haitian Ministry of Health aimed at strengthening the capacity of medical personnel to deal with the pandemic.

This week, Dr. Fanette Nicolas, head of the clinic, as well as Myrlande Jean, auxiliary nurse, will extend the awareness-raising work with patients, churches, and schools in the community.

The Baille Tourible clinic serves more than 11,000 inhabitants with people from neighbouring communities almost doubling that number. In addition to the services provided in the field of health and nutrition care, the clinic offers training on various subjects including personal hygiene.

The clinic has been instrumental in the fight against the cholera epidemic in this region of the Central Plateau, with more than 1,700 cases having been treated since 2011. Thanks to prevention work, no cases of cholera have been identified in Baille Tourible over the last 27 months.

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