Protecting soils to protect the future

March 13, 2024

At Baille Tourible, soil conservation work plays a crucial role in climate resilience efforts. By protecting soils from erosion, these projects help to maintain the fertility of farmland, which is essential for food security. They also serve to regulate the flow of water, preventing floods and droughts.

Work began in February last year, during the dry season, and continued until May 2023. Further sessions took place in September and December. This initiative has enabled over 300 community residents to earn an income during the dry period, a difficult time when the most disadvantaged in the community may turn to cutting trees due to the lack of economic opportunities.

The work was carried out at several locations in the community, including upstream of the water retention basin to prevent it from silting up, at the goat farm, in the model forests, and at other strategic points. In all, over 20 hectares of land were treated with the installation of mechanical structures such as fascines, dry walls, stone sills, and stone risers, as well as biological structures like sugarcane and reeds.

The work was supervised by MPP technicians specializing in soil conservation, who also trained members of local associations in the field. Over 300 people took part in the work on a rotating basis, forming 12 work teams totalling 72 people each time.

By actively involving the community, this work contributed to strengthening social cohesion and local capacity to face climate challenges.

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