Myrlande Jean – Project Manager in Haiti

Myrlande has been Project Manager in Haiti for KANPE since February 2020.

Holder of a nursing diploma, she has actively participated in the life of the Baille Tourible community and the foundation from its beginnings by providing her services to the Cholera Treatment Unit at the Baille Tourible clinic between 2012 and 2013.

Before becoming an essential member of the KANPE family, Myrlande worked for more than ten years in the health sector in Haiti, notably for organizations like World Vision and Entrepreneurs du monde as well as the Cholera Treatment Center of the Zanmi Lasante clinic in Thomonde (Central Plateau, Haiti).

Myrlande is known and appreciated at Baille Tourible. She has been involved, on a voluntary basis, in almost all of the flagship activities of the community such as the establishment of the experimental farm, the summer camp, and the creation of the association of young leaders.

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