Nedgy Augustin

An accounting graduate, Nedgy Augustin is a member of the CPA of Quebec and also has her CPA, CA. Her experience in certification includes audit mandates from private and not-for-profit organizations. This fall, she will complete her Masters in Administration and her subject of interest will focus on issues related to private funding and the unique needs of the entrepreneurs of great diversity.

Nedgy Augustin is very active with young professionals and entrepreneurs from the Haitian community. She is currently the elected president of the young Haitian chamber of commerce for a two-year term (2016 – 2017). Since 2012 she has been involved in the board of directors of her caisse Desjardins and she is also an executive member of the École supérieure des ballets du Québec.

In her most recent projects, she co-founded the Club Privée de la Diversité du Québec, a network that mobilizes men and women of influence from the great diversity around a laboratory of ideas that reflects the image of Quebec today. Among other things, the club aims to accelerate and maximize the participation of people from diverse communities in the development of the Québec economy and to promote philanthropic culture among influential people from the great diversity of Québec.

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