Nikolina Gateva

With over two decades of experience in finance, risk management, and employee benefits, Nikolina has played influential advisory roles in both industry and consulting. Nikolina’s professional journey began as a consulting actuary, specializing in pension plans, working with renowned international human resources management firms. During this time, she also shared her expertise by teaching actuarial science at Concordia University.

Later in her career, Nikolina took on the pivotal role of Chief Financial Officer for an engineering company pioneering cutting-edge environmental technologies. In this leadership position, her responsibilities encompassed managing the company’s financial infrastructure, overseeing business administration, guiding governance and risk management, crafting strategic financial plans, forging international partnership agreements, fostering shareholder relations, and shaping employee benefit plans, stock options, and compensation strategies.

Nikolina possesses a strong background in finance and a genuine passion for advocating for global social justice and sustainable development. Her daily efforts are driven by a desire to contribute positively to the world and be a force for change.

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