Success Story: New Road Connecting Thomonde to Baille Tourible

December 20, 2013

In the past, it would take two and a half hours to travel the 22-km stretch connecting Thomonde and Baille Tourible. Now, it takes only 45 minutes thanks to the expansion and levelling of the road undertaken by KANPE in November and just recently finished.

The construction of the road facilitating travel between Baille Tourible and Thomonde, and thus Port-au-Prince, was in the KANPE pipeline for some time, in terms of both business development and health matters. After an open dialogue with the Mayor of Thomonde and MP Marie-Denise Bernadeau, this project went into the implementation phase, both in an economically strategic sense and in collaboration with government agencies in Haiti. After the Mayor’s office was given access to all the vehicles and equipment necessary for the construction of this road by CNE (Compagnie Nationale des Équipements) for a period of two weeks, the MP of Thomonde suggested that they could be used if KANPE agreed to supply them with fuel. No sooner said than done! In a few weeks, a new road was built!

To ensure the sustainability of this road improvement, additional work will be required before the next rainy season, including covering non-stony parts with gravel and draining steep slopes.

The KANPE Foundation is proud to share this success story, demonstrating that concrete progress can arise out of successful collaborations on the ground. Welcome to Baille Tourible… the drive is quite pleasant!

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