Support Farmers and Their Families to Reduce Food Insecurity

May 21, 2020

In Haiti, the COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health issue, it is threatening food security for a large segment of the population, particularly in the community we support.

This is why we launched the KANPE COVID-19 Emergency Fund which will allow us to support farmers and their families in order to reduce the effects of economics and food insecurity, in collaboration with our Haitian partner the Mouvement Paysan Papaye.

Their approaches include:

  • Integration of 250 additional families into the seed bank program which loans black bean seeds to local farmers;
  • Purchase and redistribution of seeds for millet and corn to reduce dependence on imported cereals for 500 families;
  • Development of subsistence gardens (jaden  lakou) for 500 families to grow their own food and sell surpluses at local markets;
  • Planting of manioc – a highly nutritious and fast-growing plant that grows well in semi-arid conditions and naturally insect-resistant;
  • Planting and replacement of aging citrus trees in Baille Tourible for reforestation, food and extra revenue when fruits are sold at the local market;
  • Stockings and purchase of food supplies to help the most vulnerable in the community;
  • Distribution of food supplies for the most vulnerable segments of the population;
  • Purchase and distribution of seeds for farmers.


Click the following link to learn more about our actions related to COVID-19 :

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