Thank you for your support during this exciting adventure

December 22, 2022

At the end of the summer, the KANPE team hit the road to meet its growing community of supporters and talk about the work and impact of KANPE in Haiti by joining Arcade Fire’s world tour. In the 13 cities we visited, the love from the audience was palpable and their support incredible. We have captured in pictures some of the beautiful moments we lived together during this wonderful adventure. We invite you to relive them with us in this short video.

We thank each and every one of you for this support in a time of great need in Haiti. On the ground, Baille Tourible did not give up. On the contrary, the community has never been so busy with a multitude of new projects:

  • Introduction of solar energy
  • Microcredit program for women
  • Establishment of social enterprises with the construction of a silo for women’s associations, along with the start of a livestock breeding program with the construction of a goat shelter
  • Strengthening our agroforestry programs with the preparation of land for the reintroduction of coffee and cocoa cultivation in the community;
  • Introduction of a course in agriculture in the school curriculum for primary and secondary school students
  • Construction of two new classrooms
  • Construction of two new consultation rooms at the clinic
  • Construction of a water retention wall

A special THANK YOU to the entire Arcade Fire team for their great generosity. Thanks to their partnership with PLUS1, $1, €1, or £1 was donated from every ticket sold during the tour. 

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