The KANPE Foundation’s Manifesto – On the Eve of the 10th Anniversary of the Earthquake in Haiti

January 10, 2020

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Every January 12th, for the past 9 years, critiques of the mismanagement of funds allocated to earthquake relief reappear in the news cycle. The Haitian government, NGOs and international actors have been singled out for their inability to efficiently collaborate in crisis management, relocation of displaced citizens or reconstruction of devastated areas.

As an organization aiming to help the less fortunate, KANPE has chosen – since its inception – to look beyond specific failures or crises and focus instead on potential successes, by supporting rural communities and accompanying them on their journey towards autonomy.

While we recognize the numerous challenges that Haitians still face, we also bear witness to many success stories that go unreported in the media. These significant results are often submerged in unfairly critical coverage of Haiti, as the international community can have a tendency to ignore the country’s rich culture and history. We have made it our priority to share these achievements. And, to celebrate Haiti’s culture while also highlighting the country’s strengths and wealth.

The last decade reminded us of the will, courage and determination of Haitians. At KANPE, we work with Haitian communities, partners and experts along with Canadian and American collaborators and donors who, like us, do not give up on seeking out and implementing solutions, despite the crises and injustices affecting the country.

Ann vanse!




Dominique Anglade et Régine Chassagne

Former members of its Board of Trustees with friends and collaborators from Canada, the United States and Haiti

Myriam Achard, Marika Anthony-Shaw, François Audet, Nedgy Augustin, Paul Beaubrun, David Belle, Catherine Brisebois, Stéphane Brutus, Will Butler, Win Butler, Thibault Carron, Déborah Cherenfant, Dax Da Silva, Lyndsay Daudier, Darwin Doleyres, Aurore Dupain, Marc-André Franche, Jeremy Gara, Phoebe Greenberg, Bradley Grill, Walid Hijazi, Nesmy Jean-Baptiste, Tim Kingsbury, Catherine Lepage, Christian Lazarre, Fernet Léandre, Charles Létourneau, Fritz Louis, Dounia Mikou, Hugo Merveille, Mulaire Michel, Anaïs Monteiro, Herby Moreau, Sarah Neufeld, Juli Pisano, Isabelle Racicot, Richard Reed Parry, Cassandre Regnier, Simon Rivest, Frantz Saintellemy, Nathalie Sanon, Patricia Seguin, Youssef Shoufan, Martine St-Victor, George Stroumboulopoulos, Isabelle Thibault, Paul Harry Toussaint, Juslène Tyresias, Chantal Vaillancourt, Loune Viaud, Fabrice Vil, Anne-Marie Withenshaw, Sara Wolfe, Izvor Zivkovic.

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