Nicolas, 11 years old, gives his birthday

December 27, 2016

fullsizerenderHow did you learn about KANPE ?

I went on the internet and searched « Haitian foundation » and saw KANPE’s website.  I watched some videos and was touched by seeing how KANPE helps families become independent.  My family is half Haitian, which made it even more touching for me.

Which part of your family is of Haitian origin ?

My mother’s side of the family.  My 96-year old great grandmother is Haitian.  I have heard about Haiti since I was very young, which is why I wanted to help.  The effects of Hurricane Matthew really moved me, which made me want to do something now.

You chose to donate your birthday to support Haiti, and we are very touched by your generosity.  How did you get the idea to make this gesture ?

I imagine that many Haitians don’t get birthday presents, and even have to work on their birthdays.  I’ve had so many birthdays, that I wanted to donate mine.  I think I’ll do it again next year.

What do you want to be when you grow up ?

I want to be a producer.  My goal would be to give a lot of money to foundations, and maybe to make a movie in Haiti that all Haitians could see.

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