Our mission

In Haitian Creole, “kanpe” means to stand up. KANPE is a foundation that brings support to the underserved rural communities in Haiti on their path to autonomy.

Our approach

Haiti is filled with people who have talents and skills in many areas.  We work to find the best local Haitian organizations and talents who can accompany these communities in attaining their goals in health, education, agriculture, entrepreneurship, leadership, and local infrastructure strengthening.

As a foundation, we ensure that funds are properly distributed and that projects are carried out with respect for the goals of the community and according to strict norms of good governance and transparency.

Our philosophy

We give the poorest communities in the Plateau Central a voice so that they can express their own needs, priorities, and goals. Our role is to help these communities to be accompanied by Haitian organizations that bring the complementary skills, knowledge, tools, and training necessary to provide guidance on the path to autonomy.


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