By partnering with the Haitian organization Mouvement Paysan Papaye, KANPE supports the farmers’ associations of Baille Tourible.

In the municipal district of Baille Tourible, agriculture is the predominant activity of the rural community. It employs nearly 98% of the total population.
Farmers are facing significant challenges in areas affected by serious food insecurity problems due to the environment, water and soil. They must also deal with economic poverty in their communities, preventing the development of sustainable and efficient production systems.

The objective

–   Improve and sustain incomes and living conditions
–   Increase and diversify agricultural production of association members

This will be achieved by focusing on three areas:

1.  Preservation and rehabilitation of natural resources (soil, water, vegetation) in the watersheds affected by erosion and threatened by desertification
2.  Improvement of agricultural productivity with the introduction and distribution of seeds and more efficient management of production to increase agricultural revenue
3.  Capacity building of organizations and their participation in the planning process and strategy management to promote food security and the fight against poverty


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