Carte_HAITI_ThomondeKANPE works in Haiti’s rural areas, focusing on the Central Plateau

KANPE is active in the Central Plateau region of Haiti, in a municipality called Thomonde, and more specifically in the community of Baille Tourible. This region is one of the most affected by declining agricultural production and poverty. It faces an alarming level of deforestation that causes erosion and affects agricultural production.

The Thomonde area

Today, the municipality of Thomonde has a population of 40,000 and includes three villages: Savanette Cabrale, Tierra Muscadi and Baille Tourible. In Thomonde, approximately 38% of the population is less than 14 years old. This population faces severe issues due to extreme poverty. The situation worsened after the arrival of many families who were displaced after the earthquake of January 12th, 2010.

The communal section of Baille Tourible

Among all the communities of Thomonde, KANPE chose to begin working with the community of Baille Tourible:

  • This community was the most neglected of the region. The poor condition of the road made it very difficult to reach.
  • At the beginning of 2011, Baille Tourible was the most affected by the cholera epidemic. People were dying due to the lack of access to local medical care.
  • Due to its geographical location, Baille Tourible allowed for a cooperation between KANPE and its main partners, Zanmi Lasante, Mouvement Paysan Papaye, Summits Education, Fonkoze Foundation.





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