100 donors support KANPE. The VIP section is full.

August 3, 2011

In less than 3 hours, 100 people donated at least $ 200 to KANPE to get VIP passes for the outdoor concert featuring Arcade Fire in Montreal on September 22nd.


These passes, which provide access to standing room in the VIP section located near the stage, are no longer available.

KANPE wishes to thank these donors for their generosity and timeliness in responding to Arcade Fire’s call. Their donations will allow KANPE to provide its integrated program for more than 300 Haitian families, while impacting the lives of 6000 people in the Baille Tourible community in Haiti. Those wishing to support the actions of KANPE can still make a donation; however, it will not be accompanied with passes to the show: click here to donate

On September 22nd 2011, these 100 donors will share an unforgettable moment in the heart of Montreal with Arcade Fire and KANPE while supporting a cause that is dear to them: promoting the financial autonomy of Haitians, one family at a time.

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