A new corporate partnership for KANPE

March 22, 2011

Over the past year, the ACtion Haiti committee has closely studied a number of proposals for charitable assistance put forward by employees. Some short-term projects have already received funding. Now, the committee has selected the long-term project in which their employees will be able to participate.  “I am pleased to announce that the ACtion Haiti committee selected Kanpe Foundation,” said Micheline Villeneuve, Kids’ Horizons manager. “Kanpe is focused on providing Haitian families with the tools to rebuild their lives, now, and the organization supports Air Canada employee participation in rebuilding projects.”  ”It is a great honour for Kanpe to partner with a company such as Air Canada. It is clear that they are very careful in selecting partner organizations that reflect their values and we are delighted that Kanpe is one of them! We are eager to work with them to lead Haitian families out of poverty and towards financial independence. Together, KANPE!” declared Dominique Anglade.  ”Collaborating with Air Canada opens the door to myriad possibilities. As an ambassador, I am thrilled to see the opportunities for mutual benefit. The core value of KANPE is above all to foster cooperative efforts between groups”, added Régine Chassagne, member of the very popular group Arcade Fire.

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