A Successful Cocktail for KANPE!

December 5, 2010

Last November 26, colleagues, friends, and family members of Ambassador Tania Orméjuste attended a fundraising cocktail for KANPE.

The event took place at the Ambassador’s workplace, the Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters.

More than 50 guests tasted a variety of delicious appetizers prepared by Cirque du Soleil Food Services, under the management of François Martin, and caterers Eunide Hilaire and Marie-Rose.

Guests had also the chance to discover Grand Sud Wines, thanks to sponsor Featherstone and Désaultels Inc.http://www.fdivins.com

With the help of a devoted team of volunteers, the evening went smoothly.

On this occasion, President and Founder Dominique Anglade shared her vision of KANPE, before announcing the winner of a special prize, Katheline Jean-Pierre, who went home with a painting from Haitian artist Rémy.

With this special event, Ambassador Tania Orméjuste raised close to 4,000 dollars for KANPE.

The evening was made possible thanks to the help of many accomplices:
  • Marc Gagnon, Senior Vice President, Organization and Culture at Cirque du Soleil
  • Martin Houle, Graphic designer
  • Ronald George
  •  Johanne Roberge
  • Eveline Ferland
  •  Fabiola Hilaire
The volunteers at KANPE Cocktail:
  • Valérie Alexandre
  • Weedly Davelus
  • Dany Eugène
  • Francis Jalbert
  • Julie-Anne Jean-Pierre
  • Fred Joseph
  • Marie-Yves Hilaire

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