An inspiring initiative at McKinsey & Company’s Montréal office

June 19, 2011

On last May 27th, more than 70 employees of McKinsey & Company’s Montréal office made a generous contribution to KANPE. During a special event, an experienced team of McKinsey consultants accepted the challenge: find a theme, set the tone of the evening and provide every McKinsey & Company employee the opportunity to support KANPE.

Thus they organized an evening benefit concert inspired by Haitian culture during which students of Centennial Academy, accompanied by Régine Chassagne, presented a very moving musical performance. This initiative of McKinsey & Company’s employees proved extremely successful:: the KANPE Foundation received a total donation of $65, 000!

KANPE sincerely thank all the employees of McKinsey & Company’s Montréal office as well as Andy King, Paul Hannouche, Michael Pallone, Michael Saldanha, Brian Dunn, Daniel Abrams of Centennial Academy and Régine Chassagne for their involvement in organizing this event which will help move the Foundation’s projects forward.

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