Distribution of seeds to 500 families

April 15, 2021

Last week, our local partner, Mouvement Paysan Papaye (MPP), proceeded to distribute corn, bean, millet, and pois congo seeds to more than 500 families of all the localities of Baille Tourible, the community we support in the Central Plateau in Haiti.

This year, in order to fight against food insecurity, the distribution of seeds has been improved with the addition of corn, millet and pois-congo. It has also been extended to all the localities of Baille Tourible.

Seeding will begin soon with the rainy season (between April and October). After the harvest, some of the distributed grains will be returned to constitute the new seed bank.

The harvests were not good during the last season because of the dry period that extended for two months. During the pandemic, our food garden program reinforced our food security programs by providing the most vulnerable families with an additional source of food and/or income.


Click on the following link for more details on our actions related to food security and climate change: https://bit.ly/3g6bEbs



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