Haïti, hit by natural disasters

August 19, 2021

Dear KANPE family,

As you have all heard, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti on Saturday.   The epicentre was in the southern portion of the country, with significant structural damage in the cities of Cayes and Jeremie.  Our hearts are with Haiti, now and always.

While the community of Baille Tourible in the Central Plateau was not affected, upon hearing the news we immediately contacted our Haitian staff both there and in Montréal and we are relieved to hear that all of their loved ones are safe and sound.

Many of you have reached out to us to see where you can help and we’re very thankful for your support.  We believe that our longstanding partner, Zanmi Lasante (Haitian branch of Partners in Health), is in the best position to respond to this urgent situation. Their team is already dispatched on site to provide emergency aid.

This event is compounded by the political/social unrest and uncertainty, the assassination of the president of Haiti, COVID-19, and now the beginning of the hurricane season – tropical storm Grace has already hit the affected south, bringing floods and additional fuel shortages.   Zanmi Lasante is responding to these urgent needs on many levels and fronts, providing access to lifesaving care.

If you would like to help, we encourage you to consider a donation to Zanmi Lasante – Partners in Health.


Thank you !


For the past 10 years, KANPE has worked closely with Zanmi Lasante to provide access to free, quality health care in the remote and most vulnerable areas of the Central Plateau.  Zanmi Lasante is the largest non-governmental healthcare provider in Haiti, employing close to 6,500 doctors, nurses, specialists, and support staff – of which 99% are Haitian. At the moment they are working closely with the Ministry of Health, deploying teams to the most affected areas and preparing their hospitals throughout the country to receive the influx of critically injured patients.  They are also gathering supplies, medicines, and equipment.

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