Handwashing : Let’s keep up the good habits

October 13, 2021

Friday is International Handwashing Day! 

Since its establishment in the Central Plateau in the midst of a cholera outbreak 10 years ago, KANPE has supported residents in adopting sanitary measures like handwashing. The population is proud to be living in a cholera-free community since 2018.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitary measures have been strengthened. Handwashing stations have been installed at several focal points in the community such as the clinic and schools. People are being trained in an ongoing basis on effective handwashing techniques, a small, simple gesture that can save lives. 

Plusieurs autres mesures préventives ont été mises en oeuvre en collaboration avec nos partenaires sur le terrain Zanmi Lasante/ Partners in Health.

Many other prevention measures have been implemented in collaboration with collaboration with our local partner Zanmi Lasante/Partners In Health. These include :

  • Cleaning and disinfection equipment;
  • Hygiene and personal protective equipment;
  • Materials for the construction of an “extended” waiting area at the medical clinic.


Click the following link to learn more about our actions related to COVID-19: https://bit.ly/2OnBk4j

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