International Women’s Day: Let’s celebrate all “madan sara” !

March 5, 2021

We take this opportunity of  March 8th to highlight the important contribution of all madan sara to the Haitian economy. A “madan sara” is like Liana Sully, a woman who specializes in commerce.

Several times a week, Madame Sully rides her horse from her home to go sell in the markets of Baille Tourible and several nearby villages such as Koray, Opyèg, Zabriko or Regalis.

She specializes in the sale of black beans, a commodity whose production we helped to increase by the support we offered to the local farmers organization called Organisation pour le développement de Baille Tourible (ODB).

We thank Madame Sully and all the “madan sara” who are real pillars for their families and the economy across the country.

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