Jwaye Nwèl and Bòn fèt from the whole team!

December 23, 2023

As the year draws to a close, we’d like to wish you a happy holiday season and take this opportunity to thank you for your support in enabling the community of Baille Tourible to continue its journey toward autonomy.

2023 has been a pivotal year for the community, with the strengthening of several projects aimed at increasing climate resilience and offering new economic opportunities. Coffee, once the mainstay of the regional economy, was reintroduced to the community. 15,000 coffee seedlings have been produced and planted in some 50 minigardens. At the same time, two model forests have been set up. When they are mature enough, they will then be planted with coffee seedlings.

The agroforestry projects don’t stop there. Over 25,000 fruit and forest seedlings, including mango, lemon, soursop, orange, cassia, cedar, and almond trees have been produced at the experimental farm for transplanting to gardens, model forests, and other strategic locations.

The whole community got involved in carrying out major soil conservation work. Nearly 2 km of walls were built using eco-friendly techniques such as stones and biological structures (reeds and sugar cane). At the same time, students in grades 5 to 9 continued to learn about agroforestry through theoretical and practical courses integrated into the school curriculum.

Alongside the ODB farmers’ association, three local women’s associations took part in the black bean seed distribution program. They also received corn, millet, and pigeon peas, increasing and diversifying the food supply at Baille Tourible while empowering women. The environmental conservation staff was further expanded with the addition of six new environmental agents.

This year, our health, education, leadership, and entrepreneurship projects continued to build capacity and opportunities within the community. These included:

  • Installation of solar equipment.
  • Construction and fitting out of a space to receive cholera patients – UTC (cholera treatment unit).
  • Maintenance work on the employees’ residence.
  • Support for the development of social enterprises with a microcredit program for around 90 women, and the launch of a livestock breeding program with the purchase of 200 goats.
  • Support for the management of primary and secondary schools and a canteen program.
  • Support for a marching band and music education for 60 young people.
  • Feasibility study for drinking water supply projects.

Baille Tourible is proof that when Haitians get the support they need, they thrive.

Thank you again for standing by us every year and helping the community of Baille Tourible realize its dreams.

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