KANPE welcomes Déborah Cherenfant as Chairperson of the Board

August 22, 2022

The KANPE Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Déborah Cherenfant as Chairperson of our Board of Directors. Déborah has been part of the KANPE family for several years now as a member of both our Canadian and American Boards of Directors.

We are excited to welcome a brilliant woman with an exceptional background to this position. Born in Haiti, Déborah Cherenfant is a women’s entrepreneurship strategist. Since her arrival in Quebec, she has been passionately involved in economic development and women’s leadership.

As she takes on her new role, Déborah emphasizes that support for, and in, Haiti, particularly from the Haitian diaspora, is more important than ever.

“The resilience of Haitians on the ground is no longer enough. It also takes the resilience of those elsewhere to support the country in any way they can, because resignation is not an option”.

Déborah replaces François Audet, Professor at the School of Management Sciences (ESG) of the University of Quebec in Montreal, Scientific Director of the Canadian Observatory on Crisis and Humanitarian Affairs (CCOAH), and Director of the Institute of International Studies of Montreal (IEIM-UQAM) in this position.

The entire KANPE team salutes François’ leadership as President of the KANPE board for the past 5 years and the tremendous work he has done to ensure the organization’s development.

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