KANPE communications committee is recruiting volunteers

March 3, 2011

« Building a solid team of communication experts »

KANPE is looking for communications experts! KANPE’s communications committee plays a crucial role in the organization by keeping the public informed of KANPE’s progress, both in Montreal and in Haiti, and by sharing news of events across the country and around the world. The committee is made up of multiple teams ready to welcome you, depending on your area of expertise.

Below is a list of our most urgent volunteer requirements. If you’re interested in helping KANPE to rebuild Haiti, please send your resume (in Word format) to , with the title of the position you’d like to be considered for in the subject line. We will handle all information with the utmost confidentiality.

Please note that the communications committee must respond rapidly to communications needs, therefore we are seeking candidates who can devote the time to ensure a quick turnaround when necessary.

Please spread the word, we look forward to meeting you!

Editorial writers

Write texts for the kanpe.org website, our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), and our newsletters.

●       Qualifications : Ability to adopt various writing styles while respecting the writing policies of our organization. Ability to work independently; effective time-management.


Concept writers

Write information and/or promotional texts for use in brochures, marketing emails, Powerpoint presentations and more. Organize various texts into cohesive whole for the annual report.

●       Qualifications : Ability to write for different platforms (web, video, etc) in an interesting and creative way.

Corporate writers

Responsible for writing thank you letters to donors and to our supporters at large.

●       IT Qualifications : Solid base in MS Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat. Basic knowledge of Indesign and Illustrator for layouts.



Responsible for revising grammar and spelling in either English/French, and for ensuring the clarity and accuracy of all texts.

●       Qualifications : Mastery of the chosen language, and attention to details.



Responsible for the translation of any of the above texts from French to English or vice versa. If you can translate into Creole, we’d love that too!

●       Qualifications : Mastery of the chosen language, and attention to details.


Web integrators

Responsible for keeping all texts/images on kanpe.org up to date, and for creating new Web pages as necessary. Will also adapt and integrate texts into various e-mail templates.

●       Qualifications : Strong background in CMS, as well as HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript.


Web manager

Responsible for managing the Web team; will act as link between and manager of the various committees to ensure that information is shared in the correct formats, accurately and on time.

●       Qualifications : Knowledge and mastery of the management and production of websites

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