KANPE in the news

January 16, 2011

KANPE’s president, Dominique Anglade and Régine Chassagne, KANPE’s grand ambassador discuss the founding of KANPE, as well as our strategy to ensure that Haiti’s future no longer resembles its past.

KANPE’s spokespersons Dominique Anglade and Régine Chassagne (of the band Arcade Fire) gave a number of interviews in the Canadian press on the occasion of the first anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake.

Read on to find out how KANPE was founded and what our approach is to working in Haiti, so that the poorest of the poor can attain financial independence.

Émission « Christiane Charette », Première Chaîne, Radio de Radio-Canada, 12 janvier 2011      (interview available in French only)

Laura-Julie Perreault, « Amies pour la vie, amies d’Haïti », La Presse, 14 janvier 2011                               (interview available in French only)

Sonia Verma, « Moved by parents’ death in quake, Montrealer reached out to help », The Globe and Mail, 12 janvier 2011

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